About Us


Ivory Tower Artificial Intelligence Inc. is a global digital technology company in PEI. We focus on Mobility, Outsourced Product Development, e-commerce and user experience(UX) design.

At ITAI, we think user experience first. Our goal is to create simple digital products that are engaging, ergonomic and functional and that will provide users with a unique experience.

Putting the user at the heart of our methodology, which allows us to identify and understand as soon as possible who they are and what their needs and expectations are, thus ensuring the success of our future achievements.

We work with StartupsEnterprise organizations, SMBs (Small Medium Businesses) and other industry companies to understand their needs, architect and implement technical solutions for deliver value and create positive change.



Our team is passionate about bleeding edge technologies, and we're obsessed with innovation. Our specialty is solving everyday problems by connecting the digital world with humans. Specialized in multi-platform development, our multidisciplinary team sees the boiling technology world as a playground of infinite possibilities.


To be the most recognized and trusted digital technology company based out of PEI.




To deliver high quality services with integrity, honesty and transparency with reasonable margins, while maintaining profitability.